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Working with schools around the world, our goal is to practice what we preach and ensure that the “experience” of our collaboration is both personalised and designed for impact. To achieve this, we choose only to work with a limited number of schools and organisations where we know we can make a difference. 

Here are just some of the ways in which we can support you.


Designing bespoke solutions that help your school stand out

Sometimes you need something that’s made just for you. Bringing our expertise to your school and working with our partners from various fields, we support you to intentionally design the experience of your school. 


The School Experience Audit.

Our unique tool is designed to help you discover where you shine and where there is still room to improve. It can also be accompanied by an on-site visit for deeper insights and recommendations.


Building an Experience Strategy.

Working closely with Leadership Teams and School Boards, we can introduce you to the key principles of Experience Strategy and demonstrate how to integrate this into your school’s overall improvement plans.


Developing a 1-year Experience Plan.

We help you plan your journey towards a more integrated and coherent experience by building with you a 12-month plan for remarkable experiences and measurable impact. We also provide you with reporting templates for Leadership Teams, Boards and school owners.


Designing a Powerful Visual Brand.

If you are looking to develop or refresh the experience of your school logo or visual identity, we can guide you through this process with the help of our in-house graphic design team.


Designing School Admissions Spaces.

We cannot underestimate the impact of the physical environment on the experience of being a prospective family. Drawing upon our previous work in creating an interactive “Experience Room”, we will partner with our architect to help you create spaces that truly capture the story of your school and increase your enrolment yield.


Measuring the Felt Experience.

Drawing upon latest research, we provide the tools to implement a schoolwide feedback strategy for parents, students, and employees. We also partner with people who can help you visualise and keep track of this data and monitor the impact of your efforts.


Recruiting Experience-focused People.

Whilst we are not a recruitment agency, we provide insight into the kind of people who can help you manage the journey of families in your school. We will also use our extensive network to help you find people in the field of advancement (admissions, marketing & communications, fundraising & alumni).


Creating Integrated Teams.

Our experience is that many advancement teams - who are critical to the overall experience of a school - work in silos. We have developed and have the experience of implementing a new model of an advancement team that is integrated. We call this work Advancement 2.0.


Team Retreats.

We believe strongly in the importance of creating positive team culture. We support you in this work by planning and facilitating a range of off-site team retreats that can be focused on a particular aspect of Experience Strategy or simply a chance to experience some fun team-building moments together.


Mentoring for Experience Strategy.

Sometimes it is important to have someone you can turn to for advice and perspective along the way. We provide bespoke mentoring services to school leaders and their teams where we can be a listening ear and work on practical solutions together.

Interested to start the conversation? We’d love to hear from you.

We have benefitted greatly from working with [YELLOW CAR]. David and Suzette clearly combine their years of experience and a service-minded attitude to create bespoke solutions to novel challenges. I really appreciate the thought partnership as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. We look forward to great things from our work together.

J. Courtney Lowe, Ed.D. 
Director, American School of The Hague

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