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Feedback from people who journeyed with us

We all need feedback. It helps us grow, allows us to adjust when necessary, and encourages us to keep going in the right direction. Below is just some of the feedback that people have shared with us. Each statement is used with permission.



"We have benefitted greatly from working with [YELLOW CAR]. David and Suzette clearly combine their years of experience and a service-minded attitude to create bespoke solutions to novel challenges. I really appreciate the thought partnership as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. We look forward to great things from our work together."

J. Courtney Lowe, Ed.D., Director

American School of The Hague (The Hague, The Netherlands)

"Personally, I think that Suzette and David are a landmark in the world of education. They could be role models for anyone. They are smart. They are kind. Thank you for parking your [YELLOW CAR] at our school."

Corina Stoicescu, Founder
Scoala Mea (Bucharest, Romania)

"[YELLOW CAR] helped us to find our way back to understanding our true values within our community and what was important through communication."

Deborah Eleftheriou, Head of Development
St Catherine's British School (Athens, Greece)

"Experiences lie at the heart of a school's purpose - the experience of our students, our staff, our families. [YELLOW CAR]'s insightful and discerned approach and partnership allows a school community to thoughtfully and intentionally examine, reflect and then curate the experiences each school wants to animate their individual purpose."

David Young, Head of School
St. George's School (Vancouver, Canada)

"I am thrilled to offer my heartfelt endorsement for [YELLOW CAR], an extraordinary organisation that has been supporting our Ukraine-based international school, PSI, for over a year. Their unwavering commitment to our cause and their exceptional pro-bono contributions have made an immeasurable impact on our community. One shining example of their collaborative spirit is the brilliantly crafted film produced, also pro bono, by Affixxius Films, capturing our school's extraordinary journey before, during and after the full-blown invasion of Ukraine. Working with David and Suzette has been an absolute pleasure, as they seamlessly blend professionalism with a caring, personal touch. Their support has opened doors, brought attention to the crisis in Ukraine, and helped us secure the necessary resources to continue providing a quality education for our students, even amidst the most challenging of circumstances. Without a doubt, [YELLOW CAR] has my strongest endorsement.

Rachel Caldwell, School Director
Pechersk School International (Kyiv, Ukraine)

"It is rare to find people in the marketing, communications and engagement sphere who truly know education. It is even rarer to find people in this field who believe in the vocation that education is. Yellow Car understands the education marketplace, and drive with deliberate intent to support schools on their strategic journey; they know how to navigate the sharp edges of each road and do so with a patient precision."

Lucy M. Gowdie, Head of School
Inter-Community School Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)

"[YELLOW CAR] takes proven strategies and curates a personalized experience for each client. David and Suzette put your needs at the center of their work with the extra bonus of having fun! Our [YELLOW CAR] workshop left us feeling closer as a team, re-invigorated about our work and ready to make moments matter."

Nicole Oakes, Director of International Programs
Oaks Christian School (Los Angeles, USA)

“David and Suzette are truly enlightening in their ability to develop and communicate strategy, but the way they clearly convey the reason why and how to execute is a joy to behold. World class thinkers, top professionals and great people all round.”

Andrew Sculthorpe, Managing Director
imageseven (Perth, Australia)

Strategy workshops


"Three of us attended the strategy workshop and we found the guided discussions and activities were exactly what we needed to help us see our school experience more clearly. In fact, we've decided to bring YellowCar to our campus to give more school leaders and departments a chance to spend time intentionally reflecting on the school experience we offer. There are some conferences and workshops where you're really interested in just one session or speaker—this entire two-day workshop was filled with valuable content and opportunities for our team to thoughtfully look at our value proposition as a school. David and Suzette are talented facilitators and it's clear they have done a tremendous amount of research to build this workshop to meet real needs found across all schools. If you're going to do this, bring a friend because I believe you'll get the most out of this workshop when you have several colleagues with you."

Kyle Aldous, Singapore American School, Singapore

"There's often a tension in schools between the want to genuinely be of service and the desire to avoid coming off as servile.  When those two terms are conflated, trouble ensues and community suffers.  What I have always admired about the work [YELLOW CAR] catalyzes is that it allows schools to lean bravely into the former while deftly sidestepping the pitfalls associated with the latter.  For the educators who joined us at Avenues The World School's New York campus this spring, we walked away with clear, actionable approaches that put the focus on building intentional cultures of care, and we have David & Suzette to thank for creating an on-going professional circle that refuses to let us worry alone."

Drew Cortese, Avenues: The World School, New York

"[YELLOW CAR] is a step ahead of every other training course you could offer to yourself or your staff because, quite simply, they've been there in your position. Then, they have taken it further and reached out to create a community of others in the same roles to share ideas and resources. This workshop was more than just your usual run of the mill offering on improving customer service. It was simply brilliant. Please allow us to host again next year!"

Lucy Bates, NEXUS International School, Singapore

"The Strategy Workshop was the perfect PD opportunity! The sessions were insightful, refreshing, and applicable to every school context. If you have the opportunity to join, make sure not to miss it. You will not regret it."

Alix Hernandez, Stamford American International School, Singapore

"This was in the words of the leaders 'a really positive investment of my time'. It enabled me to rethink strategy and experience amongst likeminded people with truly expert guidance in the form of David and Suzette!"

Michael Relf, International School of Basel, Switzerland

"I was a student of [YELLOW CAR] in the Amsterdam workshop. As a professional in Admissions and Marketing over the past two decades, having attended numerous professional learning events, I can say without a doubt that this was the most engaging, learning-filled and fun event I have taken part in, in a very long time. In a world where we seem to think the same words and even share missions and visions, I am absolutely sure that Advancement 2.0 by [YELLOW CAR] is the future and is going to revolutionize the way we do things in independent and international schools."

Catalina Gardescu, Copenhagen International School, Denmark

"The experience strategy workshop was something completely new for me. I never paid enough attention to notice certain aspects placed for the customers for them to have the best experience possible. I had the opportunity to learn and apply, in a small project, something extremely useful in any domain. Thank you very much David and Suzette for this amazing workshop!"

Teodora Fagarasan-Manciu, High School Student, Avenor College, Bucharest, Romania

"The [YELLOW CAR] Strategy Workshops support shared learning through a collaborative approach, helping each of us reflect on what makes our school unique and how we can communicate our strengths through a positive family experience."

Jessica Fortin, ICS Addis, Ethiopia

"Should you participate in [YELLOW CAR] PD? Yes! 100%. David and Suzette are skilled at clearly explaining the goal of each aspect of the PD, accessing each individual's experience, and fostering an environment that is comfortable so that the collective voice and learning progression of the group evolves. Bravo!"


Chris Russell, The Mabin School, Canada

"David and Suzette's approach was very responsive to the individuals in the group and the group as a whole. They flexed their content and approach to best allow the group to gain maximum experience learning from the workshop. The combination of great content and style of delivery lit a fire in the participants and propelled them to go forth and make things, break things, implement things and try new things at their own organizations."

Natalie Hollinshead, Montcrest School, Canada

"The two days we spent with [YELLOW CAR] was a powerful experience of intentional play, team building and strategic thinking. The learning engagements and stories shared were insightful and full of possibilities."

Gerry De Fazio, Montcrest School, Canada

"Suzette and David's reputation preceded them, and the workshop did not disappoint. The strategy workshop for school was full of practical take-aways and strategies that can be implemented in your school as soon as you leave the workshop. It is simply transformative."

Isabelle Faulkner, Consultant, Canada

"Attending this professional development on school experience was a game-changer for me. The insights and strategies shared by the presenters have revolutionized the way I approach teaching and interacting with students. I appreciated the interactive nature of the workshop and the opportunity to connect with other educators. I feel more confident in my ability to create a positive school experience for my students and am excited to implement what I learned in my classroom."

Michael Valenti, The Charter School of Wilmington, USA 

"Don't leave your student, parent, or alumni experience to chance. Learn how to design it! [YELLOW CAR] will get you started."

Cindy Shaw, The Haverford School, USA

"Simply put, David and Suzette are masters at guiding schools and leadership teams to purposefully unify the 'experience journey' for all of our valued community members at all stages of their involvement. Whether by attending a [YELLOW CAR] workshop, participating in their dynamic online community, or working with them as consulting partners, they will make an immediate impact on the future of your school and practice."

Christian Long, Think Global School, USA

"Thank you, David and Suzette, for an engaging and inspiring day of learning. I took a lot away from all four sessions presented on the day and look forward to developing our experience strategy based on the principles you shared."

Steven Wellbeloved, Swan Christian College, Australia

"I have never been more engaged in a day-long workshop as I was with David and Suzette. The workshop was interactive, relatable and I came away being enthused and excited about how we can adopt and implement the strategies suggested."

Nicci Fripp, TIGS The Illawarra Grammar School, Australia

"Thank you so much for coming to Australia and delivering such an engaging session! It was educational, reflective and fun. Anyone and everyone can benefit from the Customer Experience and School Advancement Workshop. It was definitely time 'well spent', and I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend."

Ana Gozalo, Pulteney Grammar School, Australia

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