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Connecting schools to School Experience resources and to one another

We believe that we are better together. The [YELLOW CAR] Community is a dynamic online space where people in schools can connect, celebrate, and collaborate on issues related to Experience Strategy (and it's free!). The work we do isn’t always easy, so let’s not do it alone.


As we bring people from around the world together, we want to keep in mind what matters most.

Community Manifesto Rules
Screenshot of Community Spaces, including resource centre and job postings


Free to join and easy to sign up, here are just five reasons to get involved.

  1. A truly global community. The Community connects you directly to experts and school practitioners, all of whom are working to help schools stand out. 

  2. More than a forum. We’ve all signed up to communities where nothing happens. With its user-friendly format and integrated features, this is a place that quickly feels like a professional home.

  3. Inspiration and ideas. The Community is a place where people are inspiring one another, as well as sharing their wins. The Resource Centre also offers a growing number of free downloadable tools and resources. You can also join our monthly Inspiration Workshops and regular [YC] Chats.

  4. Direct access and support. Sometimes you want feedback on what you’re doing or you have a question. There are plenty of people who can offer their insights and perspectives. The integrated live events also provide a range of formal and informal moments of connection and learning.  

  5. Co-created by design. This space is intentionally designed to learn and grow with its members. Not everything is finished or fully mapped out… that’s where you come in. Your voice matters!

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downward spiral arrow
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