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Fragments II: micro stories about the learning business

Introducing the Periodic Table of Advancement™ Game Edition

In his book, The Gamification of Learning and Instruction, Karl Kapp reminds us that gamification is more than simply making learning more fun. Rather, he suggests:

Underneath the surface is the idea of engagement, story, autonomy, and meaning. Games give experiences meaning, they provide a set of boundaries within a "safe" environment to explore, think, and "try things out." Games provide the motivation to succeed and reduce the sting of failure.

With this in mind, welcome to The Periodic Table of Advancement™ Game Edition.

A photograph of the cards that make up The Periodic Table of Advancement Game Edition
A game that is helping us make sense of the work that we do each day.

The Periodic Table of Advancement was originally conceived as as a way of conceptualising the work of Advancement as a series of essential, irreducible, yet related elements. It takes all of the work we do - admissions, marketing, brand building, fundraising, alumni relations, and much more besides - and encourages us to think about the connections between these various activities; about how all of our work is related to the business of advancing the organisation - literally, moving it forward.

Over the past few months, we've noticed that colleagues have used the Table in different ways. Some have printed it out and put it on their wall as a talking aid with colleagues. Some have used it to perform an team audit or identify priority areas for future growth. Some have looked for new connections between elements and started to do some Advancement alchemy.

So we've taken some of these activities pathways, coupled with what we ourselves were learning, and literally put them in a box for our professional colleagues to explore in their schools. Inside the box are a series of suggested games.

Mind the Gap Map It Rookie, Ninja, Guru Advancement Alchemy

But this is not just about having fun. Rather, it's the safe environment, in Kapp's words, for Advancement professionals and other school colleagues to think, explore, and "try things out." It's like entering the playground during recess. Our work-a-day world is changed because we've taken a moment to play; because we've taken a moment to have serious conversations that we wouldn't normally be able to have.

If you like, it's Advancement by design. Download a copy of The Periodic Table of Advancement from the Resource Centre in our free Community.


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